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If you are tired of the online casinos you usually go to and are looking for something different, stay with us. Have you considered the years of online casino activity you visit? We have created a comprehensive list of old and new casinos for you to choose from.

Just to make it clear: New casinos are newly opened ones, and you can find them on the 2019 casinos page. These brand new bookmakers offer incredible bonuses and promotions, exciting themes, fun games and impeccable design to appeal even more your attention.

Check out our list below with the best casino bonuses in Brazil. Choose yours and … good luck!


If you are looking for more established casinos, the older casinos will do it for you. Take a look at the casinos listed in the category of 1994 to find the best known brands with a long history behind them.

Be sure to check out the list of old and new casinos we create on our site, with exclusive bonuses and promotions, a wide variety of games to choose from and the latest security protocols to keep your money and transactions safe.

Also, on our news list, there are many fantastic casinos ready to be published; Can not wait to open your doors with your exclusive welcome bonus?

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Thanks to our guides and advice, you can be sure to always play with the best conditions, at guaranteed online casinos and without taking any risk of online fraud. Check out our list of casinos above and play now at the best online casino!


There are literally thousands of casino sites out there, all with different benefits and unique and must-see deals, so start playing at your best. This makes the task of finding the best hard enough in terms of time and may require you to test more than one online casino for a final choice. We at CasinoTopsOnline are not here to tell you which is the perfect and most convenient casino to play, but rather to say what to watch when considering a casino site to play safely in our country. After all, it’s mostly about personal preferences and nothing more. There are 3 things each player should consider before opening an online account and start playing. Of course, many may not have titles like the Hen From Golden Eggs Slot, but of course, we can not expect everything from our own casinos, right?


The first thing you should do when considering whether or not to sign up for a real money gaming site is to make sure that the casino is reliable and safe to play. Choosing an online casino from our list, you can be sure in every aspect, since we only review the new casinos with a regular license. In addition, you should consider the type of games on the site, since many online casinos in Brazil are concentrated exclusively on bingo, lottery and sports offers and, therefore, do not pay attention to the online slots that we love so much. By taking this step, you can be sure to play on a site that reflects your personal preferences and nothing more. We also reviewed the mobile version of the sites, so if you play from a smartphone or tablet, you can be sure to find the right game option without leaving CasinoTopsOnline.

Always pay attention! We often receive emails from our readers who report abuse or payments not submitted by online casinos that are not regulated by an agency with authority on the subject. We remind you that – CasinoTopsOnline – does not promote in any way the game made in the Online Casino that does not have a regular license. Therefore, always try to play in casinos with a regular license so as not to take risks of any kind.


New casinos are famous for offering the best deals and welcome packs. Taking advantage of these bonuses to play the new casinos is the best way to get involved with a high budget and get big sums. In this section you will find the latest casinos published on our site, with a regular license and the best bonuses in circulation. With the boom of the online casino industry, there are new casinos that open almost every day. Some of them are fantastic, some of them are OK, and some are better not mentioned. But, understandably, it can be difficult for a player to know what he is.

For this reason, we offer you a complete guide dedicated to the new online casinos. Here you will find everything you need to know about new online casinos, including some of the most common problems and potential pitfalls, and what you should and should not expect from the new casino you have chosen and where to deposit.


With so many new online casinos being rolled out every week, it is not surprising that many players wonder why so many are launched and, more importantly, whether they are all legitimate casinos in a market so saturated with gaming brands.The answer, though confusing, is not so complicated. The online gaming industry is very lucrative and these new companies are trying to get their share of the market to operate as widely as possible. The vast majority of new casinos are from honest companies, but as the competition is so great, they need to look for different ways to gain advantage in the market. Do not you want to wait any longer and play one of the best and new casinos? Try the Digital Bingo Game today and try out a truly unique game type!

Some do this by giving players different bonuses. Of course, there are also those who have never had any intention of running a legitimate business and end up being a scam. This third group is by far the most dangerous, and that’s why we personally try all the casinos we publish and recommend to our players: offer you only the best there is.


Most of the new online casinos offer a very good interface and make great promises to players. After all, they want to attract new players and what better way to do it than with beautiful words and incredibly generous bonuses? First of all, you need to look for the license of a certain online casino in Brazil. The casinos you have to play are those with regular license, safe and without any risk to the player.

Lack of licenses or providing false information on your page is a red flag and an absolute ban on playing with it. If the casino claims to have a license but can not confirm it, you should probably stay away from it. What good is a huge welcome bonus if you get the whole money stuck without being able to get it somehow?


In addition to the things you can control, one very important thing to do before entering a new online casino is to review the ratings of players who are already on the platform. What are the experiences of other players? What do they say about the payment process, customer support, and overall gaming experience? There will always be some unhappy customers, no doubt, but most of them share an honest opinion. However, if a casino already exists a few months ago and there are already dozens of negative reviews, this is another useful sign to remember.


With so many established casinos out there, you may wonder why anyone should play in a new casino and not someone with a consolidated experience. After all, with an online site for five or six years, there is no risk. Why do you have to take chances? Here are some reasons to do this:

Big Welcome Bonuses: One of the things that almost all new casinos have in common is that they offer generous bonuses to welcome new players to the site. Casinos include the concerns we described above, so they know they have to offer some incentive for players to overcome prejudices. You will find that the new casinos offer really fantastic bonuses, many high deposit bonuses (200% or more, sometimes) and dozens of free spins to complete the offer.

Although the offer of welcome bonuses is not so great, one problem that some players face is that they already have an account with all the established casinos in circulation in Brazil. As most of us prefer to play with bonuses, and generally there are no better bonuses than welcome offers for new players, the only solution is to enter a new casino. Of course, back to what we said at the outset, if the casino does not offer a nice welcome bonus or VIP scheme, even if they look completely legitimate, there are few incentives to register. After all, there are so many new casinos with great offers, so why settle for the first thing you find?


Another reason you might consider a new online casino is the selection of games you publish. Many new gambling sites try to attract players by offering them a wide selection of games from various casino game providers, ranging from video slots, slots, roulette and more. Thus, by redeeming a high-level welcome bonus, you may even find that a new online casino has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and gaming deals. Of course some of the older casinos may have a similar portfolio of games but with a new casino you will also have other benefits that together can make you find a hidden gem in a long list of casinos.


New casinos understand that players want the freedom to play what they want, when they want and with what they want.While many of the older casinos are failing in this attempt or have found solutions that are not very attractive in terms of gameplay, new sites are often focused on the 100% optimized mobile experience. For many players, a good mobile solution may be the crucial reason for joining a new casino. A good mobile casino gives them the freedom to play on the go through an instant gaming interface and without having to download any program. Find out which Mobile Casino you should play today for a unique gaming experience. Learn all about iOS and Android casinos.


Many new online casinos start with a very limited number of deposit and withdrawal options for their players. This is because it takes time to set up multiple payment processes and we probably want to get into the online gaming market without waiting too long (because bureaucratic time can be long). While it may be a bit frustrating that the casino does not show your preferred payment method, such as postepay, you can usually find an alternative or just wait for your method to become available for online gaming.

Usually, these things are resolved in a few months. If you do not yet have a form of payment, you can play our bonuses without deposit immediately today.

Did you have any problem with the bonus? With new gaming systems, it’s not uncommon for automatic bonuses to be as automatic as they should be. If you enter a new casino and do not immediately receive your welcome bonus, just contact support and explain your problem. This is where you will see who you are dealing with. If the support is friendly and responsive in the response, they will quickly add the bonus manually and you are ready to start playing within minutes of your registration. If you do not want problems of any kind, try Book of Ra Deluxe for free!


If this guide convinced you that finding a new reliable casino is the way to go (and believe it is), you’re probably wondering how to find these casinos. Some of the best online casinos are listed here on this page and we will do our best to keep you updated with the newbies, always ensuring the best deals possible. You will often receive a notification about new casinos to keep an eye on and the welcome offers they post. Most of the time, new betting sites are owned by companies that have been around for some time and want to expand with a new brand, either to offer new games or simply because they hear that a brand new casino brand will help them attracting new players.

Remember that on our online site you can find the guide of the best Outstanding Deposit Bonus as well as try out the best free Slot Games from our exclusive games room without spending a euro and totally free. Do not waste time and immediately discover the convenience of finding everything you need to know about the world of casinos, right here at CasinoTopsOnline, your guide to online casinos in Brazil.