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Many people ask us what exactly 3D slot machines are. As a result, we think it would be useful to explain what these 3D slot machines are and how best to use them. 3D slot machines are video slots designed to provide graphics that resemble the 3D screen. No, to play with these slot machines, you do not wear special glasses like when you go to the cinema to watch a 3D movie: that would not be comfortable and the growth of this phenomenon would be affected.

The goal is to make the game on screen as real as possible. In this new type of online slot machine, characters and other objects give the impression of being touched and grasped by hand. It is a kind of exciting game, beautiful to see and high level.

One of the main goals of well-regarded casinos is to offer players a realistic and exciting gaming experience. This experience largely depends on the software used by the casino. Most software is known for delivering quality games for images and animation with great 3D sound and unique graphics. The software is high-tech and designed to offer a fluid and fast game, capable of giving the player a 5-star experience. Playing 3D slots is therefore a virtual experience, which wants to drag the player to an almost real gaming experience.

How to play 3D Slots? Before you play 3D slots, you should check whether the casino allows you to download the game software or if you have a 3D game mode available, because not all casinos offer online 3d slots. Both options are possible at most online casinos . For casinos that require a download, the casino software must be compatible with your smartphone, Mac, or Windows computer. Once you download the software or choose instant playback mode, you can start with real money or for free. In both cases you will have a wide variety of games to choose from and many deals to make a first deposit and get the most out of it.


There are so many things we like about these games. Once we’ve tested them for a long time, we can finally confirm what the real strengths of these casino games are:

  • Fun games: 3D slots or 3D slot machines are fun. They are games that involve and that is just what is lacking in modern slot machine games. There are thousands of slot machines, but unfortunately, the substance is what is sometimes lacking. Often, after a few rounds you realize how tedious both the game is and for this, the players stop playing and go to another.
  • They promise a lot: 3D slotmachine games are very promising. They have a character of their own and can accompany a player during their adventure in online games. They are also a great way to start at online casinos since they allow for a very fun and optimized game for each player level.
  • They pay very well: did you think that the presence of some stories could somehow be independent of winning big? Wrong, because with these games, not only do you have a lot of fun, but you can win big and big jackpots at the online casino.
  • They work with advanced software: the reality is that not all production companies of slot machines also handle 3D slot. This is because 3D slot machines require a special technology to be produced. For this reason, only the best software companies, with advanced technologies and high quality, produce this kind of slot machines. Among the producers of these games we find Netent, Microgaming, GiG and Novomatic.
  • They are designed for the cell phone: the fact that half of the players are connecting from the cell phone, makes us understand how, this technology was designed to be played on the cell phone. Having everything the device is crucial nowadays and can play freely a mobile game allows us to take anywhere with us, everywhere and time.
  • It’s the future: this is inevitable, is not it? 3D slots are the future and this is an essential fact. With these games you can breathe all the beauty of augmented reality and the 3D world. Playing with us is like jumping headlong into a world of colorful lights and reality mixed with fiction.


Most casinos give you the opportunity to try different games for free. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the various 3D slots available without spending money. The casino offers virtual credits, which allow you to keep playing as much as you want. As you become familiar with the various 3D slots , most people will be ready to move to real money games. This requires you to open an account and make a deposit so you can play to win real money prizes or bonuses without deposit .

3D slots can also be played on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android. The 3D slot software works well on most smartphones, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android devices. The experience of mobile slots is very different from that of a PC because most smartphones have LCD screens that leave 3D slot graphics crystal clear.Touch screen technology also makes a big difference in gameplay and creates a more immersive gaming experience.


There are a few things that make 3D slot games stand out from normal slots, first of all its content: 3D slot games have great content like animated objects, improved images, and a well-designed graphical interface. The other aspect that makes them unique are their features, and that’s where 3D slots come in. They feature a wide range of features that the most common slot games do not have. These features include a variety of innovative bonuses and games that make 3D slots much more interactive. If you want to start from the basics, find out the best video slots here at CasinoTopsOnline.

The third aspect in favor of 3D slot games is their exclusivity, such as the inclusion of stories related to the main game. For example, you can play in a game where a family leaves for a treasure hunt. The integration of stories is a great incentive that really adds intrigue and engages the players, encouraging them to continue the game.

Are 3D Slots and Video Slots the Same Thing? There is a problem when trying to define appropriate names for online slots technology, at least these days: the same words mean different things to different people. Advanced video graphics are a critical requirement to give slots a proper 3D look, but there is more to it than a background study. Each 3D slot machine must be built brick by brick, to make it a game that can give an authentic, true and above all, unique game experience. These games, of course, can only be found at the best online casinos .


Most 3D slots have a history of some sort incorporated into the game. He progresses through history while playing. You have to accomplish several goals to progress throughout history and get different rewards that can help you in the game or win free spins and prizes of various kinds.

Involving players in a story is one of the smartest things casinos have done with their classic and 3D slots. Most stories require you to reach certain goals to move to the next level and you can do one thing that most games can not do: engage the player completely. Check out our casino reviews and where to play the best slot games.

How do these games work? Recently we played 3D slot machines based on a mysterious murder. It was necessary to unlock three different levels to proceed to the next round of the game and we love it. Giving small rewards is usually the best way to create and develop a game; old-fashioned games have never progressed from this point of view.

The game we tried for example – was based on the game Cluedo. Every five minutes of play, a special round is given to find clues. A level of the 3D slot game needed to find clues to find out which weapon was used by the killer to carry out the crime. Another level, on the other hand, required finding out where the murder had taken place.


The game we tried, like many of its kind, also had special bonus rounds that can give free spins. When bonus mode is activated, you can choose between suspects. Each suspect gives additional bonuses in free spins. The game is cleverly designed so that the player wishes to continue playing to activate the next bonus and not give up until all levels are unlocked to discover the killer.


That’s why most 3D slots are built with a history of some sort. But a slot machine does not have to have a story to be considered a 3D slot machine and become part of that category. However, we recommend that you try out these types of games because the difference from traditional ones is very large and you may not feel completely satisfied with your gaming experience.


  • Potential problems with vision: A problem with any type of game that offers a 3D image is the possibility of creating problems for some players. Some people have problems with 3D graphics (just as some people have problems with 3D movies). This is an essential fact and people should be very careful about this factor before you start playing with a slotmachine of this type.
  • They can create blurry vision or headaches for some people: this is also a factor to be taken into consideration. Just like the point above, some people are not predisposed to this type of graphics and therefore they have trouble playing in 3D Slots. If you’re sensitive to 3D movies, remember that you can also be sensitive to 3D slots.
  • Potentially addictive: By playing around with these games, you need to be aware of how some of the 3D slot machines can be attracted to, because of their very deep history and player capture. They are fun to play and can keep company for many hours. Of course, let’s talk about games developed with the latest technologies, not online scratch cards.


Whether you like it or not, it is inevitable that this phenomenon will continue to grow over time and become more and more popular. By experiencing these casino games, you can have a really well done and complete casino experience. You can breathe the thrill of playing the latest technological achievements and launch yourself into the future.

They are a kind of slot designed for those who want and have plenty of time to play, so if you are an occasional player, opt for faster games.

History and high involvement allow those who are looking for a “long-term relationship” to play enduringly, improving level after level.

In addition, we must say that casino technology is trying to become available on all available devices. Every gadget we use in our daily life is able to give us many comforts and ideas, to play or entertain for some time. This is also the goal of 3D Slots: to offer a whole new game perspective, to give the player a choice on the best way to play and a new way of doing it.

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