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This online casino software provider is not very famous, but it is a viable alternative to learn about new slot machines and to find out if there are any slot games more similar to what you are looking for. Playing a title from a provider totally different from the one you usually trust, in fact, is not just a plot change and graphics, but also gameplay. With Play’n GO slots, you may be lucky enough to find the right gameplay for you. We started, however, with the history of the provider


play'n go slots

Play’n GO is a company that deals with the development of slot machines for the online and mobile sectors. Its headquarters is in Vaxjo, a Swedish city, and was founded in 1997 . He has 2 years of experience more than Playtech, born just two years later. Paradoxically, however, the greater experience of activity did not bring greater fame.Today, in fact, Playtech is one of the giants online game, while Play’n GO remains in its niche , probably due to a small number of products of slot games. Play them at the best online casinos in Brazil .

Originally, Play’n GO was a subsidiary of a major casino software company. In 2005, however, he gained his independence and began to put his name on the titles produced. Although a little late, it is in recent years that the Swedish online gaming company is emerging in the world. After 20 years of staying in the dark to produce its slot games and to please its target audience, in 2017 the company was awarded as Game Provider of the Year , one of the most prestigious awards for a home for software production for online casinos. Here you will find casino reviews for this provider.

In a way, therefore, it can be said that this provider is coming up. In that time, you need to attract more customers to count on increasingly consistent investments. We do not know what will hold us back in the future Play’n GO. We think that its growth will remain constant and, from what we can see in the present, we do not have many doubts on this. Play’n GO video slots are committed to presenting the classic slot bonuses in a more engaging way, to stand out from other vendors and to give players a more engaging experience.

These are just some of the details of Play’n GO Slots. Keep reading the article to learn more about this Swedish provider. The features of Play’n GO slots. Play’n GO, with its twenty years of experience, has learned over the years what satisfies the players.The proposed Slot Machine library, however, is not so wide: it is spoken of just over 50 titles, certainly a number that does not fit other suppliers in the field of online casinos. The particularity of Play’n GO is to have produced not only slot games, but also games related to all other entertainment that can be found inside a physical casino. For this reason, by looking for the titles produced by Play’n GO, you will also find platforms for Poker, Baccarat and, above all, Roulette.

If you’ve read our articles for some time, you know that many vendors have focused on and invested roulette, probably for its immortal charm and simplicity of the episode and Gain. Among these producers of online casino software, include Play’n GO. We should also emphasize the creative strategy of this provider. Engineers, in fact, have a habit of producing themed slot machines in conjunction with some holidays. In fact, in the bookstore you will find slot games with Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year theme . We suggest you keep up to date on the latest releases when some party is approaching, because the fun in this case is always guaranteed. If you want to try something else, live casino is here for you.


Play’n GO slots depend on Flash and HTML5 framework code . There is a double advantage for the user of online casinos and therefore of those who play the jackpot slots of Play’n GO. On the one hand, the user can play on the computer, thanks to Flash Games that do not need to load very heavy files – which would be a waste of time. Slot games, in this case, can be tested directly on the Internet without the need for any installation from the web. The HTML5 framework code, however, is ideal for mobile gamers. Thanks to this indispensable element, in fact, it is possible to access the Play’n GO slots with any operating system mounted on a smartphone. The engineers, in fact, do not have to program the slot for the individual operating systems (ie for Android, iOS, etc.), but they only had to implement the slot with HTML5.This way, anyone can access the titles, even those that have Blackberry, Symbian or Windows.

The overall circulation of the Play’n GO Slots policy is also reflected in the decision to offer slot games in 30 languages. In this way, it is possible for everyone to fully immerse themselves in the plot of the proposed titles, fully understanding the dialogues. Other elements that allow the player to perfectly surround the atmosphere produced by the Play’n GO slot are perfect graphics, a very interesting game and very realistic sound effects. These three features of the slot machine are meticulous in detail by GO Play’n engineers and led the brand to achieve fame along with the innovative Games Widget. Still, this provider did not dabble in the development of complex board games.


We can not fail to mention Troll Hunters . It’s a Play’n GO slot inspired by Norse mythology, where you find yourself in snowy mountains, along with other warriors in classic helmet-equipped helmets. The goal is to capture the Trolls, monstrous creatures with sharp teeth. The special feature of this Slot game is the Wild Symbol in Expansion. If the wild symbol on the pay line that offers the winning combination happens, the Joker card will also expand on other rolls in varying amounts, giving you much bigger winnings. Try our spinroom and the best slots for free.

In Wild Blood, however, there is a decidedly innovative bonus . The setting is a horror movie, with a dark forest lit only by the light of the full moon. During the game in this Play’n GO Slot you can find a special symbol: the blood vial. If this happens you will be receiving a number of extremely advantageous bonuses: free spins, instant cash prizes and more. So Wild Blood is potentially a gold mine and you just need to find out.

Pimped is a very interesting Slot Machine in the world of American rappers like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. In addition to the presence of Free Spins , Multipliers and wild bonus, which already make the player life very simple and profitable, in this game you will find the Bonus Win Spins slot. Once you find this symbol, you can be sure that it will win in the next Slot Machine slot. So you should immediately start betting a lot of money, you may not find yourself unprepared. Play for free with bonuses without immediate deposit immediately.


In Play’n GO slots, there are two ways to play . With Jackpot or without. The mode with Jackpot is also divided into Fixed Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot . The most advantageous one is definitely the second one, which allows you to actually make lots of money. If you do not know Progressive Jackpot, the explanation is very easy and immediate. The maximum amount you can win is not fixed and increases as other players bet on the Slot Machine you are playing in as well. At some point, quite unexpectedly, the Slot will launch the Jackpot. These progressive jackpots generally also reach the threshold of one million euros. Winning is really hard, but it would mean totally changing your life. There are so many free spins for these games.

The most popular Play’n GO Slots with Progressive Jackpots are: Fruit Bonanza, the classic Fruit Slot, with 5 cylinders and a total of 9 paylines; Gift Shop, only 3 rolls and 1 payline, which is an excellent opportunity to win, but a purely feminine layout; Gunslinger , set in the Old West with up to 25 paylines and the incredible payout of 96% , which for a Progressive Jackpot Slot really is very high.


We know how hard it can be to choose a slot machine. Even though Play’n GO offers only 50 slot games, to see which ones are the most advantageous, try them out one by one and analyze budgets at the end of the episode. Luckily for you we’re there, we’ve reviewed Play’n GO slots payments and then we can suggest those where you get the most.


It’s probably the slot machine that you get the most with Play’n GO Slots. It has an incredible payout of 98.50%, when the default percentage of Slot Machines is 96%. As you may have guessed by the name of the game, it’s a mermaid-themed slot machine. This is a 5-cylinder slot that has a 3-4-5-4-3 composition . The Play’n GO Slot is extremely advantageous since pay lines: it is an incredible number of 720 paylines and, as you know, the higher the number of paylines and the greater the chances of winning. Find out if it’s one of the best online slots.

During your game, you will have the opportunity to meet many marine creatures of fantasy and reality and also many interesting treasures. In addition, however, you may see excellent volatility, which is how often you could find a bonus.Many times you can see yourself getting scatter bonuses, which are multipliers, during the free spins. This is a difficult but very advantageous event because it allows you to multiply not only your earnings but also your Free Spins. Do you want some alternative to the slots? At CasinoTopsOnline, you can find lotteries and scratch cards .


With an excellent 97% payout , we can not stop talking about Rage to Riches. This Play’n GO Slot moves in a fantasy world where the streets of the town are populated by monstrous creatures. The represented universe, therefore, is an original fantasy-urban, that manages to entertain more types of players. This is a classic 5-reel slot machine with a total of 20 paylines on average compared to other products. In relation to this Slot, we must highlight two very interesting characteristics: the advantages of the Scatter Bonus and the Avalanche System. The Scatter Bonus, as always, is the win multiplier. In this slot, however, if you happen 5 times on a pay line that features a large-scale combination, you will receive a payout multiplied 100 times and you will have access to a mini-game that will allow you to win more bonuses. It’s practically a mini-jackpot. This is one of the most enjoyable casino games.

The Avalanche system, on the other hand, allows a higher frequency of gains. When you win a winning combination, the Slot not only gives you the chance to shoot again, but physically eliminates the boxes that allowed you to combine and reduces all others.

This way, you pave the way for interesting new combinations and you can do them one after another in a row. This was our focus on Play’n GO Slots. We hope to have helped you learn more about this provider who, with the recognition of the Year as a Slot Machine Provider of the Year in 2017, is showing strong growth and has the credentials to become one of the best online casino software on the market. Discover the best welcome bonuses on our site now.